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Story of SLIDA


Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA), a body incorporated under the Ministry incharge of the subject of Public Administration, was established in May 1982, by Act No. 9 of 1982. It is the premier institute vested with the responsibility of competency enhancement and professional development of executives in the public sector. Pursuing its core value of refolding public interest, SLIDA’s key functional areas are providing trainings for public sector officials, management consultancy for public sector organizations and encouraging research culture.


Fostering Public Sector Excellence

SLIDA dedicates itself to elevating the standards of public administration through rigorous training, promoting innovative solutions to governance challenges, and encouraging a progressive approach to public sector management.

Guiding Public Administration Forward

Empowers Sri Lanka's public sector with the skills to innovate and lead

Innovative Policy Making

Develop cutting-edge policies for modern governance

Leadership Development

Cultivate ethical leadership in public service

Administrative Efficiency

Streamline processes for effective administration

Public Engagement

Enhance civil society collaboration & participation

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