Reinforcing Learning and Development Initiatives for Staff of the Non-Managerial Category of Public Service.

Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) has taken timely measures to reinforce learning and development initiatives for training and capacity development of staff of Non-Managerial category of the public service.

A special meeting held on 2nd February 2021 at SLIDA with the participation of Deputy Chief Secretaries of Provinces and Directors of Management Development Training Units (MDTUs). The meeting was graced by Mr. J.J. Rathnasiri, Secretary Ministry of Public Service, Provincial Councils and Local Government. The secretary emphasized the need of enhancing human resource development of the public service and the effort to be taken by SLIDA will be fruitful.

The Director General Dr. (Mrs.) Pradeepa Serasinghe conducted the meeting and Mr. D. Wijekoon, Additional Director General (Research and Development /Non Managerial Training) facilitated the event.

The invitees expected direct facilitation from SLIDA to develop and deliver quality and effective Non- Managerial training at provincial level.