SLIDA joins “Suwa Dharani” National Programme to plant Herbal Medicine Plants at SLIDA Green Garden

To coincide with the “Herbal Medicine Day” in parallel with the “Suwa Dharani” National Programme of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine Practices, SLIDA launched planting of herbal plants in the SLIDA green garden on 17th September 2020.

The SLIDA Director General (Actg) Mrs. Pradeepa Serasinghe, accompanied with academic staff and management staff participated the event. They planted Hibiscus species and Ginger Rhizomes which having great medicinal value. The event was organized by the Administration Division of SLIDA.

The event is relating to His Excellency the President’s “Saubhagya Dekma” Policy Statement which advocates urban greenness and planting of Herbal Species.