SLIDA Retreat was held at Laya Leasure of Kukule Ganga with the participation of all the Faculty and Managerial staff with the leadership of the Director General (Acting) during 18th, 19th and 20th of October 2019.

A Retreat is a perfect opportunity to deviate from the day to functions of the organization, spend the staff, and give their attention on a big picture by extending the time for concentrated discussions, dialogs and strategic thinking about the future of the organization and the specific issues to be discussed and come to a conclusion. At the same time to provide an opportunity to the staff to take a little relax from their busy schedules and it allows them to discuss their problems and issues faced while providing the services and find possible solutions. There by strengthen the team sprite, get everyone excited around a united mission and set goals for the upcoming year as well as building.

At the inauguration of the program the Director General (Acting) Mrs K.M.S.D.Jayasekara made an inspiring presentation on synergizing services rendered by SLIDA by achieving higher results as well as ways to achieve them, meeting the demands of the clients, improvement of the quality of the services and finding strategic ways to facing the present challenges aiming the quality improvement of the public service delivery and the followings were the identified areas for the purpose.

  • Providing Research advisory services for the Public Sector Organizations.
  • Facilitating IT Division to develop supportive software for the Public Sector or Private sector requirements.
  • Implementing effective marketing strategy including Social Media by giving vide publicity for all services provided by SLIDA.
  • Think Tank, Conducting Symposiums/Workshops/ Seminars on demanding topics.
  • Administrative Museum, small attractive area in SLIDA premises.
  • New building complex, six stories in SLIDA premises.

The Senior Consultant Mr. Anura Lokugamage did a presentation on the financial situation of SLIDA during the year 2019 and submitted the reasons for the adverse financial position and after wards, all the members of the Faculty and the Management did their presentations according to the given guidelines.

The Team made several suggestions and recommendations on the future development of SLIDA and discussed about opportunities and threats of the future development with special attention aiming at providing an improved, quality service delivery of the Public sector during the period of 2020 to 2025.

Several Committees were appointed to submit suggestions and recommendations for the development of the services and deadlines have been given. Committee will meet and discuss the matters, considering all the problems and issues faced by SLIDA and will submit their suggestions and recommendations for the implementation in the near the future.

All the members of the staff enjoyed the pleasant stay at “Yaya Leisure” in two days with the nice surroundings of Kukule Ganga in Kaluthara District.