Inauguration of Induction Training Program for Sri Lanka Engineering & Sri Lanka Architectural Service Cadets

At the opening ceremony of the induction training of 209 newly recruited Engineering Service and Architectural Service officers held at the Sanhinda Auditorium of SLIDA on 17th Oct 2018, the Minister of Public Administration, Management and Law & Order Hon. Ranjith Madduma Bandara emphasized that these engineers have to do their service for the country in an efficient and honest way and help to build a corruption free country. He also stated that almost all are the products of the free education system of the country. (The government is also aware of salary difference between the private sector and public sector engineers and the commitment of the two groups.)

The Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, Management and Law & Order Mr. Padmasiri Jayamanne in his address pointed the vital role the Engineers are entrusted with in the present development programs of the country, Special emphasis is on the service provided by the Engineering Service in Technical Evaluation committees (TEC). Salient points the engineers should keep in mind in serving these committees are the urgency of the work, contract administration and supervision.

The Senior Academic Coordinator of SLIDA Mr. GKD Amarawardena welcomed the Hon. Minister the guests and invitees and Mr. NMSA Bandara, Consultant and the Programme Coordinator of the program proposed the vote of thanks.