New Intake of MPM 2016-2018

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Master of Public Management (MPM) 2016-2018 was held on 22 February 2017 at SLIDA. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Hon. Ranjith Madduma bandara, Minister of Public Administration and Management.

Ninety five (95) participants from the public and private sector have been enrolled for this programme. The School of Postgraduate Studies is the centre for Postgraduate level applied studies on public management. The main responsibility of the School is to ensure high quality in postgraduate academic learning, and conducting postgraduate programmes.

The SPS is continuously engaged with practitioners in the public sector at national, regional and international levels. The rationale for developing our Master of Public Management programme has been based in the backdrop of today’s fast changing and challenging public management environment where Secretaries of Ministries, Chief Executive Officers, and other stakeholders alike are increasingly demanding a value added contribution from their managers.

In developing managerial competencies the programme provides an opportunity for study fellows to acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills which will refine and strengthen their understanding among others of the:

• Nature and scope of different managerial functions.

• Comparative management imperatives.

• Need for using advanced analytical skills in decision making and strategy formulation in management. • Public policy process and the behavior of interest groups.

• Management with special focus on the comparative international scenario.

• Hands-on experience in management and organizational development.

• Multi-disciplinary perspectives and approaches to managerial entrepreneurship and investment.

• Dynamics of the interdependence of various interests among organizations and individuals.

• Harmony between the public and private business organizations for better results.