Welfare Society of SLIDA



The employees of SLIDA have formed an independent and volunteer organization named as the “Welfare Society of SLIDA” to help the brother employees in their different needs. This society was formed by the employees in 1992. Later on it has been registered as a welfare society in the Thimbirigasyaya Divisional Secretariat. At present all the employees of SLIDA have taken the membership and working actively for its development. According to the contribution of this welfare society, The Director, as the leader of the organization act as the chairman of the society. The all other members in the controlling body of selected on the intension of the employees selecting in very completing manner through a vote. However, their all officers in the Governing body are nominated by the other brother employees.

The vision of the welfare Society

To be the main helper at the needed time of the brother employees.

The mission

The above vision is achieved to working together as a team within the organization in helping others in the staff as well as members in the society through different social activities.


  • The main objectives of the SLIDA welfare society are;
  • To help its members in different ways in times of hardships during their service period and if possible after retirement also in the case of accidents, severe health problems and physical disabilities.
  • To help the society in every possible way as an entity 

Activities so far ………………….

  • Organizing sports events.
  • Organizing educational events – ( Competitions / Scholarships / Exhibitions)
  • Organizing cultural events – (Pirith Ceromony / New Year festivals / Bakthi Geetha)
  • Excursions for welfare family members – (Family trips)
  • Organizing Health care campaigns
  • Financial benefits such as savings and Welfare Loans
  • Financially and Help in hand at welfare member’s family death
  • Donations to the public when in need – (Disaster situations / Helping hand to the students in rural areas)

Pirith Ceremony 

Green Projects

By the Welfare Society

Scholarships Awarding

Donations to Apeksha Hospital

Donations at Disaster situations