SLIDA Green Week

26th March to 29th March 2018


Green Energy Championship 2017


SLIDA GREEEN Project (Government’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Networking Project)

Following the SLIDA wining the Green Energy Championship in 2017, the institute is happy to announce SLIDA’s launching of its “Green Week” parallel to ushering in the institute’s Government’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Networking Project.

The project will comments on 26th February 2018, the date on which the SLIDA’s “Green Week” will also comment.

During the SLIDA Green Week the premises at SLIDA is open to all visitors and other well-wishers who are interested in closely observe the activities which the institute has programmed for during the “Green Week”.

We are planned to carry out the following activities during the Green Week.


  • Exhibition of organic products trade stalls
  • SLIDA Green Tour
  • Essay Competition for for school children and adults
  • Poster Competition for school children and adults
  • Organic Food and Plant Fair
  • Lectures on Green concept  by veteran lecturers in the public sector
  • Herbal Dansala


We are cordially invite you to visit this exhibition which is being held from 26th to 29th of March 2018 in the premises of the SLIDA.