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A Highly Personalized Counseling Service for You

In an extremely busy environment there would arise within your personal, social and official roles, challenges, stress conditions and other complexities to be faced with. We are aware that you are capable of resolving such issues and developing a conducive environment through your own knowledge and understanding.

Due to social constraints you may sometimes unable to discuss with a friend or an intimate any such situation which you cannot solve on your own. Hence, having realized the importance and long term advantages of assistance from a professional counseling service for this purpose, for the first time in the Public Service, the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) decided to provide you with information about organizations which provide such professional counseling/mentoring services.

In this context, our prime aim in this awareness building of free, very personal and friendly professional counseling services is to enable you an opportunity to lead a happy professional and personal life.

Information regarding such organization are given below.

Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA)



Address: 25 Tickell Rd, Colombo 8

Hours:  9AM–4:30PM

Phone: 0112 671 411


24 HOUR HOTLINE 011- 471858


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