Alumni Association of Graduates of SLIDA



SLIDA’s MPM graduates will become continuing academic partners of the Institute through the AAGSLIDA. Thereby, paving the way for their professional development even after their graduation in Public Management, and also facilitate interaction among their MPM colleagues, as well.

AAGSLIDA was established in the year 2016, with the blessings of SLIDA, to pursue the following objectives:

  • Encourage, foster and promote close relationships among SLIDA, the SPS and its MPM alumni and among the alumni members themselves.
  • Provide and disseminate information regarding SLIDA, the SPS and its MPM graduates and students, and also promote the well-being of SLIDA and its alumni members.
  • Contribute to enhance the academic excellence of SLIDA and guide and assist its members to maintain and upgrade their skills, standards and professional development.

Function as a think-tank in national level events and provide professional guidance to the government as well as other organizations.