About Language Centre



The Centre offers a range of quality programmes including general languages courses, competency based courses and professional skills development courses for Sinhala, Tamil and English languages.


Since the mid 1980s SLIDA has launched English language courses to Sri Lanka public sector managerial officers. Currently the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) offers a wide range of short-term and long term courses for developing English language of both managerial and non-managerial level officers. Also, Sinhala and Tamil language programmes are designed for All Island Services aimed at knowledge and skills development especially considering public sector office requirements. These programmes overall considers the required skills development to better serve the country’s Official Language Policy obligations.

The Centre offers four types of programmes. They are as the following.


a) General Language Programmes,            
e)  CERTIFICATE COURSE IN SPOKEN CHINESE LANGUAGE  [Download Application] [Download Brochure]


The language programmes among b and c categories are free of charge. In addition, the fee-levy programmes which include the SLIDA Diploma in English (SDE), SLIDA Advanced Diploma in English (SADE) and SLIDA Diploma in Tamil (SDT) for managerial officers and Certificate in English for Employment Purposes (CEEP) for non-managerial officers wherein at last two batches are enrolled annually.


Also, we offer tailor-made language programmes to both public and private sector. The Centre ensures quality learning and learning with enjoyment under qualified staff. All participants enrolling for language programmes will be provided access to other facilities at SLIDA.