Research, policy studies and publications


SLIDA emphasizes the need to carry out research and policy studies and publishing those results for the use of general public.

The resources required for these activities are internally generated, or obtained externally or jointly sponsored with the private sector The nature of research is multidisciplinary, and the mode of operation is characterized by collaboration, teamwork and partnership.



SLIDA has identified the need to carry out research related to public sector, and arrangements are being made to implement same.


Policy Studies

Evidence based policy making

Evidence-based policy is an approach which helps people to make well informed decisions about policies, programmes and projects by putting the best available evidence at the heart of policy development and implementation. Evidence based policy-making helps planners to make better-informed decisions as it elicits the best available evidences.

SLIDA currently engages in this activity by getting the participants of the Masters in Public Management Programme to produce a policy paper related to their domain of work. This paper is selected for presentation on the basis of academic excellence, practicability and applicability to the Lankan context.

Research forum

Research forum is held with a view to sharing of policy research findings with relevant agencies. In this forum, the researchers will engage in dialogue with representatives of relevant ministries, and departments in disseminating the findings of policy research. From this initiative, it is intended to facilitate evidence based policy making. This blending of research and practice is an exciting opportunity for the relevant agencies in the context of effective service delivery.


Applied Research

SLIDA brings into action an agency related applied research initiative to fulfill the long felt need of the public sector for policy research and policy analysis.

This initiative aims at policy improvements by studying policy gaps, analyzing existing policies and proposing insights for new policy formulation to strengthen performance of the public sector.

SLIDA encourages and invites researchers and policy analysts to lively engage in this activity.



SLIDA Newsletter, Journal of Development Administration and case studies based on learning partners’ experience are some of the publications of SLIDA.


SLIDA Newsletter

This bi-monthly newsletter provides a snapshot of the events organized by SLIDA.The newsletter, show cases, announcements, advertisements, a summary of programmes scheduled for the coming months, articles written by faculty members, and articles based on guest lectures.


Sri Lanka Journal Development Administration

Sri Lanka Journal of Development Administration is published yearly. This journal is devoted to the study of public management issues.



SLIDA develops case studies based on the learning partner’s experience. SLIDA gets the learning partners to produce a written story explaining how they deal with problem/issue they come across. These write ups are then developed by the faculty members as case studies and published by SLIDA.