Competency framework


SLIDA has introduced a Competency Framework for the public sector which could be used for  Human Resource Management functions called “Job Profiling”.

The job profile facilitates HRM functions such as recruitment, placement and promotion. In this backdrop, Competency Framework is considered by many countries as the key documentation that could be used for building the foundation for HRM matters of the public sector.

 Competencies are defined as the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors that employees need for performing their work. Competencies also describe how public sector employees should perform their jobs and what competencies that they possess to perform their jobs effectively while ensuring the principles of good governance.

The Competency Framework for Sri Lankan public sector is based on “4D Model” as it has been framed on four critical areas of competencies. Namely Design, Develop, Drive and Deliver. SLIDA expects that this endeavor would be the first step in finalizing a suitable competency framework for the public sector of Sri Lanka.