Centre for Information & Communication Technology


Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration established it's IT Centre in 1986 with one computer lab equipped with 4 Wang computers and 2 members of staff including the Consultant and one analyst programmer. Analyst Programmer played dual role as instructors for training classes while developing the needed software for the Institute. The first head of the Centre was Mr. Pius Fernando consultant (Sri Lanka Accountant Service).

During the period of 1990 - 1993 the Centre has expanded it’s facilities with 30 desktop computers and 15 Dot Matrix printers for providing of better hands on experience in computing for trainees. During the period the Centre Staff was also increased by recruiting one more IT consultant, 3 IT program officers and one Analyst Programmer in addition to the existing staff.

Today in 2018, IT Centre has 3 computer Labs and separate office for IT Centre. The IT training Labs are fully equipped with 100 desktop computers, 25 Mbps internet leased line and Multimedia projectors etc. The Centre has a separate server room with 8 Severs that manage SLIDA’s Local area network. The entire network is secured and managed with firewall, routers and manageable switches. The LAN uses Wire and Wireless technologies for the convenience of SLIDA staff and it’s Clientele. The wired network is used to connect desktop computers and WiFi network is for Mobile PCs and smart phones. Cadre of the centre has been increased up to 12 posts including Director IT, 2 Consultants, one Network Administrator, 3 Analyst programmers, one Demonstrator, two ICT Assistants, one Technical Assistant and a KKS.


Main Functionalities of the SLIDA Information Technology Centre

  1. Developing curricular for ICT and digital Government related training programs
  2. Providing of IT Training for Public Sector Managers
  3. Building Software solutions for Public Sector requirement
  4. Providing of consultancy services for required organizations
  5. Introducing of new ICT strategies to the institute
  6. Developing software systems for organizational needs
  7. Developing & Managing SLIDA Intranet
  8. Managing SLIDA Network
  9. Maintenance of SLIDA CCTV System