The types of Training Programmes conducted by SLIDA

The Division conducts the following for the competency enhancement of public sector organizations and their managerial cadres.

  1. Induction Training of All Island Services (under the Ministry of Public Administration and Management)
  2. Mandatory Capacity Building Programmes for All Island Services
  3. Short Term Training Programmes for managerial cadres in  the public sector,
  4. Customized Training  Programmes
  5. Management Consultancies, and
  6. Mobile Training Services


Induction Training  of All Island Services


Provision of induction training to cadets of the following All Island Services:

  • Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS),
  • Sri Lanka Accountants Service (SLAcS),
  • Sri Lanka Planning Service (SLPS),
  • Sri Lanka Scientific Service (SLSS)
  • Sri Lanka  Architectural Services (SLArS)
  • Sri Lanka Engineering Service (SLES)
  • Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Service (SLICTS)


Mandatory Capacity Building Programmes for All Island Services

Capacity Building  programmes are conducted solely for officers of the all island services and are based on the following concepts:

  • Enriching specifically identified behavioral and technical competencies that would be required from time to time
  • A continuous updating and upgrading the knowledge and skills  necessary to  cope with the  ever increasing  challenges in a rapidly changing environment.


Short Term Training Programmes for the Public Sector Managerial Level


The short term training courses offered fall into two types:

  • Training programmes conducted free of charge for public officers serving in Ministries and Departments  of  the Central Government, Provincial Councils, and Local Authorities.
  • Training programmes on a fee levying basis

Customized Training Programmes

On request by external organizations SLIDA conducts customized training programs for the staff members of these organizations.


Management Consultancies

A key mandatory function of SLIDA is also to provide management and organization development consultancy services to public sector organizations in order to enhance their performance.  


Diploma Programmes


SLIDA offers the following Diploma programmes on a fee levying basis:

  • Higher National Diploma in Public Procurement and Contract Administration
  • Diploma in Public Procurement and Contract Administration
  • Diploma in Office Management
  • SLIDA Diploma in English
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Public Administrative Law


Mobile Training Programmes


As an activity of the Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021, during the year SLIDA commenced a Mobile Service in Learning and Development. In actioning on this concept the institute provides, the expertise by way of faculty and other technological support to the respective districts, to enrich their learning and development initiatives.