Library Resources

Main part of the collection consists of approximately 25500 volumes. New arrivals for the book collection are displayed for one month. There are about 60 periodicals tittles available at present. Current periodicals are always kept on display till the next issue is received by the library. Old issues are kept in pamphlet boxes.

Main collection

SLIDA Library maintains a general collection totaling just over 25500 items. As a postgraduate studies, the library collection emphasizes materials which relate to the management studies. Public Administration, economic analysis ICT, accounting and finance, Marketing and Research Methodology.


Reference Collection

Reference collection include reference books and special reference book such as Rare books, Bibliographies , Dictionaries, Manuals, Biographical sources, Indexes, Hand books, Geographical sources, Government publication, Paper clippings and SLIDA consultancy repots/dissertations/Policy Papers and Compact disks.



Automated Catalogue

The SLIDA has provided online access for SLIDA and participants.